About me

About me

For 25 years I held various management positions, varying from CEO, COO, Director Operations through to quality- and logistics manager. I worked at medium and large companies in industries varying from electronics, food, packaging, publishing, construction, laundry to machine building. I understand the challenges associated with growth, change and optimization processes. The engagement and enthusiasm of all stakeholders is necessary to deliver successful implementations and sustainable improvements.

First of all I am starting with a quick scan, in which I identify the key issues within your organization. After a company scan of your portfolio, KPI’s, production- and supply chain processes, I develop a tailored plan of approach. Besides that I focus on human resource aspects like leadership, behavior and competences. Furthermore I could detail the improvement opportunities to a project plan, where I can manage the implementation. I focus on handing over and embedding the approach into the organization.  Besides looking at possible restructuring and (re)allocation possibilities, I also use Lean Six Sigma techniques drawn from Japanese production philosophy. In addition I align your processes as optimally as possible to meet current and future market needs.

My Logo

My logo is based on an impossible figure, the triangle of Roger Penrose. The triangle was invented in 1934 by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd, but it was the British mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose and the Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher who gave the figure its ultimate fame. It consists of three bars who all seem to be perpendicular to the other two bars, but still form a triangle together. The Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher used the Penrose triangle often in his works of art. What inspires and fascinates me the most in Escher’s work is how Escher offers a perspective of a world that does not exist but seems oh so real. Only if you watch closely, look often and look wrong you will discover the power and imagination.

My logo, the Penrose triangle, symbolizes the confusing interactions between the various disciplines in a company and their environment. The astonishing thing about this logo is, that it’s not possible. Nevertheless it is possible. The logo stands for hidden interactions, which we can discover if we are willing to look from a different perspective. These interactions do not lie so much in the boundaries, but in the space, which exists between the disciplines of an organization and their environment. Therefore my approach can be characterized by looking from a different perspective and the search of the “hidden” interactions between the different company disciplines and their environment.


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