Roelofs IMC can offer you different types of services:

Interim Management

I have 17 years of experience as COO and CPO/director operations with different companies. I could solve your capacity problem temporarily and/or conduct the necessary changes. For example I can fill in when your COO, Operations Director or Supply Chain Director has found another job or challenge and you anticipate that finding a replacement will take several months.

Performance Improvement Consultancy

Starting with a quick scan, I map your production and supply chain processes and work with you to identify waste. Subsequently I write an improvement plan in close collaboration with your employees in which the most important bottlenecks are being addressed. This could vary from lead-time reduction and cost reduction to improvement of delivery performance. At the same time I take a closer look at the available management information and administrative organisation and internal control. The objective is to improve the profit margin and cash flow. An essential part of my approach is the transfer of knowledge and skills to your organisation so that your organisation is able to accomplish sustainable improvements itself. If desired I can also facilitate the implementation of the improvement plan.

Change Management

I start to identify the key bottlenecks, both prior to the start as during the project. Perception management, with regards to senior management, middle-management, staff involvement and other stakeholders is part of my approach. Subsequently I try to align the management and staff involved across sites. I work goal-oriented with focus on deliverables and timelines. Besides that I recognize cultural, social and emotional settings and issues that are vital in managing the change project successfully.


When companies merge and reconsider their core businesses, certain departments or business units may be considered for divestment, particularly if they are no longer part of the core business, or if they can grow more quickly and be better able to address the market needs while being independent. I can make a valuable contribution during the preparation, support and completion of the operations and supply chain elements of this process within the given time constraints.


Integration of departments and/or business units is often a process where companies could use the independent view of an Interim Manager. I have national as well as international experience with these types of change processes.

Merger and/or acquisitions

A merger of companies is a process that requires the right level of knowledge of all operations. Equally important is the identification of cultural overlap and differences between companies, and the identification of the key executives, managers and specialists. Roelofs IMC has experience with mergers and acquisitions and the organisational consequences, including projects in food, packaging, and publishing.


Aligning the business with the current and expected market conditions is a continuous process for each company. In the current global, dynamic and changing environment, adaptation becomes more and more important. This could mean that existing resources need to be rationalized and when more (European) entities are involved, it is crucial to have an executive locally available who is capable of managing these processes. Often companies do have these resources available in the required region and at the appropriate time. In these circumstances I could add value as Interim Manager, having proven experience of managing such processes, within time and cost limitations.

The added value
for your supply chain